Production Point Corp


Fully equipped sound stage and studios provide the ideal location for recording, rehearsals, creative development and pre/post production services.

Sound Stage

In a soundstage, various types of acoustic treatments are used to control the sound and minimize unwanted echoes and reverberation. This allows for the creation of a controlled acoustic environment that can be tailored to the specific needs of a particular production. Soundstages typically have a large open floor plan with high ceilings and are often equipped with multiple sets, lighting rigs, and special effects equipment.

Dolby Mastering Suite

Our 9.1.4 Immersive Audio, Surround Sound, Mastering Suite

Our Dolby mastering suite is designed to meet the technical specifications required for the creation and delivery of Dolby Atmos content. These rooms are acoustically treated to minimize outside noise and ensure accurate sound reproduction. They are also equipped with specialized audio equipment, including Dolby Atmos processors and mixing consoles, to allow for precise control over the audio content.

Recording Studios

Our recording studios consist of one or more rooms that are acoustically treated to minimize outside noise and control the sound of the recordings. The main recording room is usually the largest room in the studio, and is where musicians and other performers play or sing into microphones while being recorded. The control room is where the sound engineer sits to monitor the recording, adjust the levels, and make any necessary edits. The control room is also equipped with mixing consoles, monitors, and other specialized audio equipment that allow the engineer to manipulate the sound and create the desired final product.

Podcast Studios

Our podcast rooms have acoustic treatment to control sound reflections and minimize outside noise. They may also be soundproofed to prevent noise from entering or leaving the room. The room is usually equipped with a mixing console, microphones, headphones, and other audio equipment necessary for recording and editing.