Production Point Corp



Script development requires a combination of creativity, research, and collaboration. It is a crucial part of the pre-production process and lays the foundation for the final product. A well-developed script can help to ensure a successful production, as it provides a clear roadmap for the production team and helps to engage and captivate the audience.Two separate 1-hour sessions to go over the message in your video project.

Storyboard development is an important step in the production process, as it helps to ensure that everyone involved in the project has a clear understanding of the visual style and content of the final product. By creating a storyboard, our filmmakers can identify potential issues and make adjustments before the production process begins, saving time and resources in the long run.Develop your vision for you next big project. This includes four 1-hour sessions to create a storyboard with our creative team.



Video and development consultation services are valuable for anyone looking to create high-quality video or software content, but who may not have the expertise or resources to do so independently. By working with a our professional team, you can ensure that your projects are planned and executed effectively, resulting in products that meet your needs and exceed their expectations.

We can store all of your project files for 6 months on our internal storage system as well as license all your music, editing, and graphics software for you.