Production Point Corp


Our Embroidery Process

Embroidery is a technique for decorating garments using a needle to stitch thread into a design. While embroidery has some practical design limitations since it requires thread to be physically stitched into fabric, it has the longest life-span of all our DTG methods. When you upload a design, our computers digitally translate the file into a format that can be embroidered. Within minutes you can have a custom embroidered  hat, bag, or apparel literally with your name on it!

          Do you have a garment that can’t be screen printed but you want to be decorated? From jackets to polos, we can embroider anything that can’t be screen printed.


First we take your image or logo and recreate it into a usable digital format for your approval.


Next, we take your vectored logo into our digitizing software to create the design in a format readable by our embroidery machines.


Preparing your garment to be run on the embroidery machine.


Then, we set up your logo on the automated embroidery machine with the chosen thread colors in the proper sequence.


Next, we take your prepared/hooped garments and physically embroidering your design.


Lastly, after decoration, we un-hoop your garment and remove any excess backing and trim any long threads. Quality control is performed during this step as well.